Sunday, January 22, 2006

"There's nothing to debate"

Kansas University's Campus Crusade for Christ will host William Dembski, a science professor from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and a leading ID proponent, at KU's Lied Center tomorrow. Organizers asked three Kansas University scientists critical of intelligent design to debate Dembski, but all declined.

Leonard Krishtalka, director of KU's Biodiversity Institute and one of the scientists who declined the invitation, told the Lawrence Journal-World, "There is nothing to debate. Intelligent design is religion thinly disguised as science and does not belong in the science classroom."

William F. Buckley, Jr. had Krishtalka's number when he wrote Up From Liberalism in1959:

"A second marked characteristic of the Liberal in debate with the conservative is the tacit premise that debate is ridiculous because there is nothing whatever to debate about. Arguments based on fact are especially to be avoided. Many people shrink from arguments over facts because facts are tedious, because they require a formal familiarity with the subject under discussion, and because they can be ideologically dislocative. Many Liberals accept their opinions, ideas, and evaluations as others accept revealed truths, and the facts are presumed to conform to the doctrines, as any dutiful fact will; so why discuss the fact?

"In dismissing a conservative's contentions, it is not enough merely to say that the matter under 'discussion' is closed; it is usually necessary, for the sake of discipline, to berate the person who brought the matter up."
Liberals never change, do they?

Dembski, by the way, probably has more training in the sciences than any of the KU scientists invited to debate him.


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